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Ironwood Fighting Yoopers Junior Hockey Team

Yoopers welcome our newest scouts!!

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers would like to introduce our new scouts Tim & Cory Foley of spec ops hockey! Thank you guys for being a part of our team!

Yooper scouts are active!!

This past weekend we had covered 4 showcases, the R4 in Blaine, Minnesota, Minnesota Wilderness draft camp in Andover MN, The Pre-draft in Muskegon MI, and the Northwest showcase. The Chicago world showcase will be attended by our head coach Al Moustakis.

Ironwood Fighting Yoopers Announce Head Coach


Al has been married for 24 years to Lauri and has Three Children Matalyn, Sydney and Alexander. 


Playing History:

Loyola University of Chicago 1973-1978, Al received multiple awards during his college hockey career, including; rookie of the year, Most-Improved, Leading Scorer his senior year, Named Captain and is one of the team’s all-time leading scorers.

1983-1988 Played Mens Check Hockey for the Illinois Equinox and played in two National Tournaments, was invited to play in Alaska (Turned it down because of his legal Career and other commitments.

1996 through Age 50 played for the Eagle River Falcons Hockey Team and played for a number of other team’s in tournament play through his 59th   birthday.  The last team included 5 players from his college team.  It was a blast.

Coaching History

Currently Certified as a USA level  4 Coach

1983 - Coached Bantam Level ,  Wilmette Illinois

1984-1988 Evanston Township High School Varsity Coach

 - Responsible for all aspects of the program except scheduling.  Included practice and game management, some academic supervision of student athletes, all public relations (writing of articles for local paper), assisted in the development and fund raising of the program.    While head coach of the Varsity, I was directly responsible for overseeing the Junior Varsity Program and programming for that team.  I work closely with the parents association for the development of the program.   The Evanston varsity program was historically weak when I took over the program.  Under my leadership the program became successful and competitive.  

Summer 1987 (?)  - Illinois High School All Star Team Assistant Coach

•             Assisted in picking and coaching the Illinois High School All State Team, which competed in the first, Johnson Multi-State Invitational Tournament held in Illinois.  (Now called the Chicago Showcase)  This team finished first in the tournament

1990-1997 Eagle River Recreation Association

•             Coached youth programs

                Al was directly responsible for all aspects of the program except scheduling.  Included practice and game management obtained assistant coaches and directed their duties.  (Daughter played on this boys team)


Northland Pines High School Boys Varsity Coach

•             Responsible for all aspects of the program except scheduling.  Included practice and game management, some academic supervision of student athletes, all public relations (writing of articles for local paper), assisted in the development and fund raising of the program.    While head coach of the Varsity, I was directly responsible for the creation of a Junior Varsity Team and Parents Association which is still active in the program.

Records 18-4, 18-3-1   Received Sectional Coach of the Year award in first year.                                  


Northland Pines High School Girls Varsity Team

•             Responsible for all aspects of the program except scheduling.  Included practice and game management, some academic supervision of student athletes, all public relations (writing of articles for local paper), assisted in the development and fund raising of the program.   Obtained assistant coaches and directed their duties.  In the team’s in inaugural year it’s record was 17 wins and only 6 losses. The team went on to be the Sectional Champions and was in the final four at the State Championships.   Two Daughters played on this team while Head Coach)

Named Sectional Coach of the Year (2006)          

Blizzards Girl’s AAA U-16 (Head coach)

                Spring-Summer 2004 

•             Directly responsible for all aspects of the program except scheduling.  Included practice,  game management and all traveling arrangements.

Four the last 6 years or so Al has also been a staff coach for the Bill Howard Goalie School when it is held in the Eagle River, Rhinelander and Minocqua areas of Wisconsin.


In addition to his hockey playing and coaching career, Al Moustakis is an attorney and has been the Elected Vilas County District Attorney for the last Twenty (20) years.

Yoopers adding scouts!!!

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers are proud to welcome to the Yooper family Bill Sheehan who will be our lead scout. Jim Mark will be scouting Norther Minnesota and Winnepeg, Tim Larson will be scouting Lower Wisconsin, Jerry Pickar will be scouting Washington and Western Canada, Mark McAleer will be scouting Michigan's lower Penisnsula,  Joe Vairus will be scouting the Upper Penisnula. Jack Johnson, father of Jack Johnson from the Columbus Blue Jackets, has also agreed to help us as a scout.

The Yoopers would like to thank everyone assisting us in building a strong team.



USPHL statement on half Shields

By Brett Bruneteau
Boston, MA (May 6, 2016) – The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) has announced that it will provide all junior level players, who are 18 years of age or older, the option to wear half shields for the 2016-17 season.  


“The USPHL continues to examine opportunities to enhance player experience, development, and advancement,” stated USPHL Director of Hockey Operations Leigh Dean.  “As the USPHL continues to break player advancement records, we (the USPHL) will continue to build, what is already considered to be, the best junior hockey experience in the nation for our players.”
The United States Premier Hockey League (, which operates in 18 of the 50 United States, is the nation’s largest amateur ice hockey leagues.  The league is comprised of 167 teams representing 57 organizations.  Players in the USPHL are 8 to 21 years of age.   Over the past two years, the USPHL has seen over 500 of its players advance to the collegiate level.  

Player Openings

Players who are available and  interested in playing for the Ironwood Fighting Yoopers Junior Hockey Team should contact AL Moustakis # 1-715-617-1002 or General Manager Scott Kellett at #906-364-4030.

If you didn't get a chance to talk to our scouts or have questions please fill out the future prospects tab.

Thank you.

Assistant Coach Dave Osier Returns

Ironwood Fighting Yooper assistant coach Dave Osier has returned for his 2nd season on the Yooper bench.  Coach Osier joins Al Moustakis and Scott Sturgeon to round out the coaching staff.  Coach Osier was an integral part of the Yooper organization last year and we are excited to have him back.  Welcome back Coach Osier!

Fighting Yoopers moving to the USPHL


USPHL Mid-West Junior Hockey Division gearing up for tryouts – team count expands to 13 Teams.


January 26, 2015.  The United States Premier Hockey League (“USPHL”) is pleased to announce the addition of the Forest Lake Lakers to the new USPHL Mid-West Junior Hockey Division for the 2015-16 season.  The Division will be comprised of the Dell Ducks, Minnesota Owls, St Louis, Ironwood Yoopers, Wisconsin Rapid Riverkings, Wooster Oilers, Illiana Blackbirds, Marquette Royals, Fort Wayne Federals, Tri City Icehawks, Chicago Rampage, Hudson Crusaders and the Forest Lake Lakers.  The teams will be integrated into the USPHL by playing inter divisional games at USPHL showcases to be located in the East and expanded to for the first time to the Mid-West.

 “The USPHL is please to commence the integration of these storied franchises into the league.   Tryouts are being announced for next season and the USPHL will complete the first phase of the website integration project shortly.” said Richard Gallant.   “The 2014/2015 season has been a great success for the USPHL with in excess of 160 participants that will go on to play collegiate hockey with approximately 75 committed to play NCAA Division One Hockey.   The expansion of our footprint to the Mid-West will further help all our league’s players obtain every opportunity to achieve their personal hockey goals.”

Upon completion of this process, the USPHL membership will consist of approximately 50 members fielding over 100 teams with a geographic reach that spans the complete Eastern Seaboard through to the Mid-West United States.

Additional teams are being reviewed to be included in the 2015/2016 season with a goal of reaching a 20 team division.  Look to the for more information about the League and the new Mid-West Division. 


Yooper Mission Statement

      Ironwood Fighting Yoopers Junior Hockey Team


Our Mission Statement:


The mission of the Ironwood Fighting Yoopers is to promote and provide a high quality organized hockey experience for all of its players, coaches and fans.

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers will be participating in the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL). The league is a college preparatory league, and we are proud to be a part of it.

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers will endeavor to continuously improve through the support and development of all participants in their desires to become the best that they can be in their form of participation.

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers will provide this quality hockey experience all the while respecting its own By-Laws and Rules and Regulations and, where applicable, the philosophical ideals and the rules and regulations of the USPHL and USA hockey.

The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers will provide this quality hockey experience with the highest standards possible within our means and with reasonable regard to cost for the participants. We will endeavor to continuously find ways to measure its success in accomplishing this mission and vision.


Our ultimate vision of success would include the following:

1. To have 100% of all participants in The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers rate their experience as excellent, and continue on with their education.

2. To become publicly known in USA Hockey as one of the best junior hockey programs in the country.

3. To have each player be successful on and off the ice, and each player achieve their goals.

4. Players moving up to a Tier 2 level or higher or moving to a collegiate team.





The Ironwood Fighting Yoopers and all of its participants will agree to and promote the following core values:

  • Safety
  • Fun for All
  • Physical, Mental and Social Development
  • Development of Hockey Skills and Hockey Knowledge
  • Truth, Honesty and Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Goodwill & Discipline
  • Beneficial Outcomes
  • Advance their education
  • Lifelong friendships

Yoopers & AAA players making their marks in the hockey world!!

Levi Wunder who previously played for the Ironwood Fighting Yoopers and our AAA summer teams has accepted a scholorship to play for the University  Huntsville Alabama NCAA D1.

Jordan Swenson made Lakeview South's Varsity squad in Minnesota.

Nick Sherek made the Egan Varsity team in Minnesota.

Nathan Garnell Made the Varsity team in DeForest Wisconsin.

Camden Kalleward made the Fox Motors AAA.

Caleb Everett made Honeybaked AAA( National Champions)

Bobby Price made the Sault St Marie Varsity team in Sault Michigan.

For the AAA Soo Thunderbirds Midget Major's Keegan Stevenson, Brady Caruso, Josh Rouleau, Lucas Theriault, Caleb Wood, Steven Bellini, Noah Boman, Nic Gervasi congrats to all the players for making the team.

Warner Young for making the Green Bay Gambler's AAA u-16 team.

Dylan Boberg & Ian Caroll on making Calumet's Varsity team.

John Dern & Austin Chart on making Lakeland Wisconsin varsity team.

Alex Moustakis for making the Junior Dallas Snipers of the WSHL.

Josh Bohlin, Max and Sam Techel, and Max Zingler for making the Wausau West high school varsity squad.

Tucker Wittkopf, Tyler Hunt, Sammy Spencer, Dawson Penn, & Jack Brown for making the Eagle River High School team.

Caleb Baxter for making Waupun's Varsity squad.

J.J. Berdahl, Brendan Hoover, Matt Lukasik and Michael Janke for making D.C. Everest high school's Varsity team.

Zach Anderson for making the Varsity Squad for Eastview high school in Minnesota.

Derek Chailler for making NCAA D3 Finlandia University.

Nik Boyer for making the Breezy Point North Stars of the NA3

Joe Ladewig for making Merrill's varsity squad.


Fighting Yoopers Are College Bound!!!

The Yoopers would like to give a huge congratulations to PJ Nelson who will be playing hockey for Lewis University and Brennon Wachter & Ryan Hanson who have signed on to play for ACHA division 2 Northern Michigan University Hockey Team!

Good Luck!  We are proud of you all!

Game and Season Tickets

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Any questions you can email Sarah @ 

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